Mary Alyce (Ruggles) Webb 




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Rev. Grady McKeithan


The Rev. Grady Parker McKeithan died June 23, 2022. He was 95.


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Charles T. Underwood Sr.




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Doyle L. Rayner




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Kaye Marie Christiansen

Sep 29, 1945 - March 13, 2021



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Roland Bersch Jr.

May 1, 1930 - January 15, 2021



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COL David Miller Jr.

July 8, 1938 - January 23, 2021



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Margarette Dunn

January 29, 1939 - February 2, 2021



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Ruby Hood

March 12, 1950 - January 4, 2021



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Chief John W. Hodges




Husband, father, soldier, lawman, patriot, leader,

gentleman, friend, neighbor, ballroom dancer.

Chief of Police for Hope Mills for 23 years.

John danced his way into our hearts and lives.

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Dr. Robert "Bob" H. Gainey




A true gentleman and servant leader,

Bob approached all things with grace and thoughtfulness.

A leader in his church, his community, and his profession.

Bob and Jeanne shared their love of dancing with us for years.

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Barbara Wyle




Soft spoken, slightly built, a true Southern belle

Wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother

A woman of faith, prayer, and wisdom

As beautiful as the flowers she tended in her gardens

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Gene Reynolds



Past President of Cape Fear Ballroom Dancers

Father, soldier, dance instructor, leader

Gene and Janet were the king and queen of our club

Wonderful friend and companion

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Al Smith




Quiet, gracious, and fun-loving

Al always had something positive to add to the evening

Al and Dorothy graced our dance floor for years

We will miss him!

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Steven L. Benjamin




Loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, biker, dancer, and friend.

Steve and his wife Mary danced into our hearts several years ago.

Health issues with Mary took them off the dance floor . . .

but not out of our hearts!

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Victoria "Vickie" Castro


Loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Always smiling and involved in many community activities

Vickie loved to travel, garden, and dance.

We will miss her!

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Ruth J. Wolfe



Tiny, gracious, always the perfect lady,

Ruthie was one of the original twelve members who in 1993 formed the

Ballroom Dance Society of Fayetteville (today's Cape Fear Ballroom Dancers)

She loved her dancing friends, and she loved to dance!

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Jacque S. McCall


Smart, beautiful, talented, athletic, and self-taught musician

One of the earliest members and officers of the Cape Fear Ballroom Dancers

Long time dance partner with Bill West, with whom she is dancing again

Literally "went out with her dancing shoes on" as her last night was

Dancing at a Fayetteville Area Shag Association event to honor Bill West.

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William I. "Bill" West


Proud soldier, elegant equestrian, classically trained musician,

Outstanding dance instructor and competitor, and faithful friend,

Bill West was an integral part of the Cape Fear Ballroom Dancers for many years,

Always ready with a big smile and a kind word for everyone he met.

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Charles H. "Chuck" Wedge


Founding President of our dance club, Chuck will be missed by all of us.

Husband, father, soldier, pilot, and wonderful dancer,

Chuck brought a cheerful spirit to all of life's opportunities and challenges.

In 1993 he had a vision for a ballroom dance club in Fayetteville,

and we've been dancing ever since.

Thank you, Chuck!

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Marietta G. Gilliland

1924 - 2011

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Joseph J. "Mickey" Farrington

1920 - 2011

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Nat Robertson

1917 - 2010


From New York to Ohio to Florida,

Nat found his life's home in Fayetteville, and we're glad he did.

Soldier, jeweler, Rotarian, church member, faithful husband, and loving father,

Nat danced his way into our hearts, and we miss him.

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