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Looking for a cool DATE NIGHT? 



The only dance club in Fayetteville, NC, devoted exclusively to ballroom dancing invites you to join in the fun:

  • All experience levels welcome
  • All your favorite steps: salsa, foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, rumba, swing, and more
  • Free refreshments plus cash bar
  • Great exercise and stress relief
  • Free lessons from a dance pro
  • Singles encouraged to join
  • Meet wonderful new friends
  • Reasonable dues and fees
  • Convenient locations
  • Social dancing only, no competition
  • Beautiful dance venues




Click on the CALENDAR tab to the left to see all the dances scheduled for 2017!




Our club hosts one dance party every month, and four of these each year are formal, dinner-dances.

More than just dancing, each party provides for a fun night out. Our events are great for meeting people and for making new friends. Ballroom dancing is also a good way to get some exercise and to relieve stress.

Following each dance, members meet at Morgan's Chop House to continue the fun with an "after party."







Time to renew !!

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As a nonprofit club we keep dues and fees very low. Dues are only $50.00 per person for the entire year. (Special half-price for half-year NEW members!)

2018 Membership Form (PDF)

2018 Membership Form (Word)


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Special Opportunity

The club is selling decals and license plates as you see below. Decals are 4 x 4 inches and plates are about 12 x 6 inches.

The plates are $18.00 and the decals are $4.00.   Supply is limited.

Don't delay!! Buy NOW!!



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Email received from a guest couple who attended our 1950's dance:

"[We] had a great time. More than anything the people there were incredible. We have never been to any dance when everyone made us feel so welcome. We talked about that for days after the dance. I hope that everybody there is aware of the special group that you have. We will certainly come again." Click photo below for more pictures from the party.





We dance all of your favorite steps!


Click on the dances below to see examples:

  • Foxtrot - the most popular dance from the 1920s to the 1940s, it has a faster version known as the Quickstep.
  • Waltz - a graceful dance with a strong accent on the first beat.
  • Swing - based on jazz or early rock and roll; includes Lindy Hop, Jitterbugplus East Coast and West Coast.
  • Tango - a dramatic, syncopated dance from Argentina, seen in Paris in 1910.
  • Cha Cha - a Latin dance from Cuba, popularized in the 1950s.
  • Rumba - also Cuban, the most sensuous of the Latin dances.
  • Shag - originated in the 1940s along the strands between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington; known as Carolina Shag.






Visitors and new members are welcome to join the excitement at our next dance:



Holiday Formal


Wed., December 13, 2017

Highland Country Club

6:30 to 10:00 p.m.

Tuxedo preferred

Members: $50.00;  Guests: $60.00



Pre-paid Reservations Required!

Download one of these forms:

Holiday Dance Reservation (PDF)

Holiday Dance Reservation (Word)

Mail your check in TODAY!





Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Dance Video



Click on the shamrock below for photos from the March 11, 2017, Dinner-Dance:




3 Health Benefits

of Dancing

According to (Feb 2017):

Any form of dance can help people manage stress, depression,, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Here's how:

1. The music relaxes you.

2. It takes your mind off your troubles.

3. Dancing releases tension.



Be sure to congratulate our latest newlyweds!!




Click on Santa for pictures from our December 2016 Holiday Formal!




Click on the photo below for pictures from our previous Halloween Dance!




Click on the photo to check out our AFTER PARTY following the Halloween Dance:





Click on the photo below for pictures from our Sep 2016 23rd Anniversary Dance!




Click on the photo below for pictures from our August 2016, Hawaiian Themed Dance:




Click on the photo below for pictures from the March 2016 Dinner-Dance:





Click on the picture below for photos from our recent AFTER PARTY!




A scheduling conflict in April bumped our dance out of our normal venue, so we had a party instead. Click on the picture below for more more photos from our "Party Instead of a Dance Party."





Click HERE to check out the City View website for some stunning photos of our club.


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